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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Johnson, Rich. M.Virginia67C 102 US C. T.Bay Cityview record
Johnston, N.67A 1 MI Inf.view record
Jones, David F.Washington Co., O.67B 77 OH Inf.Essexvilleview record
Jones, Samuel L.Canada67I 13 MI I.Bay Cityview record
Jones, Wm.Southfield, Mich.67E 12 Vet Res CorpsBay Cityview record
Katthain, BennoPrussia67A 14 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Keating, Geo. H.Canada67G 9 NY I.Bay Cityview record
Keeney, Ansel T.NY67C 89 NY Inf.Bay Cityview record
Keeney, N. B.67view record
Keith, Wm.Wayne Co., Mich.67F 5 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Kellogg, Oscar F.NY67F 38 OH Inf.Bat Cityview record
Kempter, GodliebBavaria67B 29 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Keppelberger, A.NY67F 5 OH Cav.South Bay Cityview record
Kingsevir (?), JohnGermany67G 2 NY H. A.Bay Cityview record
Knaggs, WesleyMichigan67A 4 MI V. I.Bay Cityview record
Knight, H. C.67view record
Koon, JacobNY67I 23 NY Reg.Essexvilleview record
Koth (Keith?), HenryPrussia67HBay Cityview record
Krempler, FrederickGermany672 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Lacey, MartinOakland Co.67H 12 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Lacy, W. H.67view record
Lacy, Wm.Mich.67A 8 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Laeblens (?), LeonardLondon, Can.67F 27 MI Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Lamphere, H. K.67view record
Laramer, R. A.Ridgeville, Pa.67C 24 OH V. I.Essexvilleview record
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