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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Streeter, RayMich.57M 7 MI Cav.Newbergview record
Styvesant, A. D.NY57G 19 MIMarcellusview record
Thorp, Chas. W.Ohio57K US SSL P. Rondeview record
Timm, LewisPa.57A 11 MI Inf.Marcellusview record
Underwood, Enos57A 19 MI Inf.view record
Van Sickles, HarmonNew York57F 8 MI C.Marcellusview record
Van Sickles, J. F.Mich.57M 13 NY H. A.Marcellusview record
Vansickls, J. T.Van Buren Co., Mich.57I 8 MI Cav.Marcellusview record
Vincent, (W. ?) H.New York57F 1 MI E&MMarcellusview record
Wagoner, JamesPennsylvania57M 46 PAMarcellusview record
Walters, WilliamSnyder Co., Pa.57G 172 PA Draft militiaMarcellusview record
Waterstreet, JuliousBaden, Germ.57C 15 MI Inf.Wakleeview record
Waugh, Wm.Penn.57M 198 PAMarcellusview record
Way, G. A.NY57I 14 WI InfMarcellusview record
Weaver, E. S.New York57Ship Faulkee (?)Marcellusview record
Wheaton, William W.Kalamazoo, Mich.5714 MI Bat.Voliniaview record
Wheeler, Geo. F.Penn.57G 25 MISt. Josephview record
Whitaker, J.Pa.57C 133 PAMarcellusview record
Whitcomb, William J.57E 19 MI Inf.view record
Whitney, HenryMich.57F 14 MI Inf.Marcellusview record
Whitteker, John57US Regularsview record
Williams, NormanNew York57F 1 MI E&MNewbergview record
Wilson, Wm.Mich.57H 12 MIPorterview record
Wolfe, Franklin T.Prusia, Germany57A 12 MI Inf.Wakleeview record
Woodmancy, Geo. G.N. York57IL Art.Voliniaview record
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