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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Heininger, SamuelSwitzerland45G 57 OH V. I.Adrianview record
Henderson, Chas.Fairfields, Mich.45I 7 MI Cav.Adrianview record
Henderson, Zachery T.Ohio45A 6 OH Cav.Adrianview record
Hibbard, William R.45view record
Higginbotham, J. D.Piqua, O.45D 15 OH Inf.Madisonview record
Hillabrant, GeorgeNY455 NY L. BatteryAdrianview record
Hines, JohnGermany45B 4 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Hodge, Eugene45K 11 MI Inf.view record
Hodges, Adison J.Mich.45B 47 OH V. I.Adrianview record
Hodges, Henry E.Wayne Co. Mich.45K 11 MI V. I.Lamley (?)view record
Holmes, Rev. John L. (S. ?)Denmark45B 10 RI Vols.Adrianview record
Hood, WilliamAdrian45A 11 MI Cav.Adrianview record
Hopkins, H. M.Rome, Mich.45E 3 MI Cav.Romeview record
Hopkins, Howard M.45view record
Hornby, RichardEngland45G 4 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Horning, JohnGermany45F 10 IL Inf.Adrianview record
Howe, C. J. F.Moore, NY45F 26 Mi Inf.Adrianview record
Howell, SeymourEngland45F 6 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Howes, Alfred B.New York45K 11 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Howes, Henry H. (C.?)Monroe Co., NY45B 4 MI Inf.Cambridgeview record
Howes, Thomas45G 20 US Inf.view record
Howes, ThomasEngland45D 30 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Hubbell, HenryConnecticut45M 1 CT H. A.Adrianview record
Huff, ChrisGermany45B 9 MI Cav.Adrianview record
Humphrey, Wm.Canandagua, NY45D 2 MI Inf.Adrianview record
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