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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Nye, Albert T.Huron Co., Ohio40B 123 PA Inf.Charlotteview record
Nye, Albert T.Huron Co., Ohio40B 123 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
O'Neil, Justin V.New York40B 6 MI H. A.Charlotteview record
Olin, Marquis E.Chester, Mich.40F 6 MI H. A.Chesterview record
Otney, JohnOhio40Frontier Cav.Charlotteview record
Otto, William B.Wood Co., Ohio40K 111 OH Inf.Charlotteview record
Overmyer, F. M.Ohio40K 9 OHCharlotteview record
Pangler, Chas. W.Germany40G 189 OH Inf.Charlotteview record
Parish, AlexanderErie, NY40G 20 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Parkhurst, J. D.washtenaw, Mich.40H 2 KY Inf.Charlotteview record
Parkhurst, John D.Washtenaw Co., M.40H 2 KY V. I.Charlotteview record
Patterson, Philo D.Eckford, Mich.40H 9 MI I.Charlotteview record
Perkins, Judiah P.Burlington40D 128 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Peters, Theo C.NY40D 42 IL Inf.Charlotteview record
Peterson, Joseph R.Shenango Co., NY40C 36 WI V. I.Charlotteview record
Pierce, Wm. R.Ohio40K 12 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Pierce, Jr., E. B.Medina, Ohio40K 12 MI Inf.Charlotteview record
Pitinger, Wm.Ohio40B 102 OH V. Inf.Charlotteview record
Pollard, Wm. H.England40D 7 MI Cav.Carmelview record
Pollock, John40C 42 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Pollock, Samuel40H 6 MI V. I.Charlotteview record
Pope, ElijahWayne Co., NY40E 6 MI Inf.Carmelview record
Pope, Wm. H.Wayne Co., NY40B 2 MI Cav.Kalamoview record
Powers, Walter A.Jefferson Co., O.40B 16 OH V. I.Charlotteview record
Preston, Elisoph A.Monroe Co., NY40D 7 MI Cav,Charlotteview record
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