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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Nance, TaylorAllen Co., Ind.35G 7 Mi Cav.South Havenview record
Neeley, A. L.Northfield, Ill35F 134 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Nicholes, W. C.Penn.35A 59 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Nolan, HenryOhio35I 103 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Noyes, K. W.Leroy, NY35D 1 MI S. S.South Havenview record
Numeister, HenryRockport, Ohio35L 3 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Odbert, Robt. E.Granville,Wash Co NY35F 10 NY Art.South Havenview record
Olds, L. A.Canada35B 140 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Olds, Lemon A.Canada35B 140 IL Vol.South Havenview record
Orford, JohnNew York35B 7 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Osborn, Lemuel W.Ohio35B 13 MI Inf.Cascoview record
Paine, Irving W.Mich.35F 28 IL Inf.Genevaview record
Parker, A. B.Lockport, NY35B 15 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Parker, WilliamMich.35E 24 MI Inf.Covertview record
Payne, RobertEngland35G 6 MI H. A.South Havenview record
Pease, Chas.Seneca Falls, NY35D 8 NY Cav.Genevaview record
Peck, W. S.Ohio35K 33 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Pedycord, W. F.Ohio35A 74 IN Inf.South Havenview record
Pensinger, JacobTuscaras, Ohio35I 47 IN Inf.Genevaview record
Perry, C. C.Dicksboro, VT35L 5 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Peterson, F. M.Illinois35M 3 IA Cav.South Havenview record
Pierce, AlmonMichigan35G 19 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Pierce, I. W.35I 28 ILview record
Pierce, R. T.St. johnsburgh, Vt35I 156 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Pinney, M. A.Boston, NY35D 105 IL Inf.South Havenview record
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