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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hall, H. C.Mich.32K 13 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Hall, Henry W.32Battle Creekview record
Hall, J. C.32Battle Creekview record
Hall, W. H.Maine32D 4 MN Inf.Battle Creekview record
Hall, Wm. H.32BattleCreekview record
Hannan, MichaelMich32H 2 MO Cav.West Leroyview record
Hanson,32view record
Harborn, H. B.NY32C 20 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Hardenburg, L. M.NY32I 107 NY Inf.Battle Creekview record
Harlan, John L.Pa.32A 4 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Harmon, E. E.32K 6 MIBaltimoreview record
Harmon, Erwin E.NY32K 6 MI Inf.Baltimoreview record
Harmon, ErwinNY32K 6 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Harris, John G.32B 8 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Hart, ReubenMorganton, NY32F 12 MI Inf.Battle Creekview record
Hathaway, George W.Towanda, Penn.32C 1 NY M. RiflesBattle Creekview record
Hayes, H. B.Ohio32C 100 OHBattle Creekview record
Heckman, JohnOhio32G 21 OH V. I.1Battle Creekview record
Hecox, Warren S.NY32F 3 NY L. A.Battle Creekview record
Hendershot, W. H.Penn.32L 8 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Hendershott, Wm. H.Bradford, Pa.32L 8 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Henderson, Wm. K.Bradford, Pa.32L 8 MI Cav.Battle Creekview record
Henry, A. R.Iowa32C 34 IA Vol.Battle Creekview record
Henry, Wm.Ohio32A 111 PABattle Creekview record
Herrick, Albert D.N. York321 MI H. A.Battle Creekview record
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