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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Sayles, EliasU. Canada29D 1 MI Eng.Grand Rapidsview record
Schnieder, J. S.Germany29I 129 INGrand Rapidsview record
Scott, C. M.29D 9 NY H. A.view record
Scribner, C. H.G.R., Mich.29C 1 MI E&MG. Rapidsview record
Seigler, IsaacN. York29D 1 MI E&MG. Rapidsview record
Sharpless, JosephEngland29E 81 IN Inf.G. Rapidsview record
Shattuck, C. L.N. York29F 2 NY Cav.G. Rapidsview record
Shickele, Peter C.Germany29Grand Rapidsview record
Shier, Chas. R.NY29C 26 MIG. R.view record
Simmonds, Jas.29view record
Sinot, Edwin M.NY29K 23 MIG. Rapidsview record
Sisson, August29view record
Smith, Edwin B.NY29B 16 NY Cav.Grand Rapidsview record
Smith, Harding29view record
Smith, T. S.NY29D 16 NY H. A.G. R.view record
Smith, W. D.Ohio29B 39 WIG. R.view record
Smith, WalterPa.29A 7 MI Cav.Grand Rapidsview record
Snyder, JohnPa.29E 32 OHGrand Rapidsview record
Sollon, O. H.Fulton, O.29F 73 ING. Rapidsview record
Sorr, Chas.Sweden29E 10 MI Cav.Alpine, Kent Co.view record
Spague, Chas. H.NY29E 100 OH Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Sprague, J. A.29view record
Stark, James E.Mich.29A 6 MI Cav.Grand Rapidsview record
Stetson, George W.Penn.29E 10 MI Cav.Grand Rapidsview record
Stevens, E. O.Vermont29B 3 MI Inf.G. Rapidsview record
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