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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Vosberg, Chas. H.French Creek, NY24D 3 MI Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
Vosberg, Chas. A.24B 5 MI Cav.view record
Vosburg, Byron A.Lima, NY24E 6 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Warner, Wm. E.Macomb Co., Mich.24F 7 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Wass, Geo.England24D 22 MI Inf.Tyroneview record
Wass, GeorgeEngland24D 22 MI Vol. Inf.Tyroneview record
Welch, John S.Deerfield, Mich.24B 8 MI Inf.Deerfieldview record
Wightman, E. B.Jordanville (?) NY24I 81 NY Vols.Fentonview record
Williams, Harrison H.Madison Co., NY24A 8 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Williams, Harrison H.24A 8 MI Inf.view record
Winslow, FranklinCanada24F 3 MI Cav.Argentineview record
Winter, Chas. H.Germany24G 22 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Winter, Ernest T.Genoa, Mich24I 3 MI Vol. Inf.Fentonview record
Wittum, Marvin24view record
Wood, Alva U.Bristol, NY241 Brig Band, Dept CumberlFentonview record
Wood, Reuben P.Norwich, NY24B 114 NY V. I.Tyroneview record
Wortman, Chas. F.Oakland Co., Mich.24F 3 MI Cav.Fentonview record
Wright, John M.New York24F MI E&MFentonview record
Wyckoff, John R.Steuben, NY24B 8 MI Inf.Fentonview record
Wygant, Chas.Mercer Co., Pa.24I 111 Pa Inf.Fentonview record
Young, E. A.Denby, NY24C 8 MI Cav.Fentonview record
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