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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Varnum, Daniel D.Lenewie Co., MI2I 8 MI Cav.view record
Vicorey, J. L.Michigan2L 1 MI LAButlerview record
Wagner, J. W.2view record
Warriner, A. J.Indiana2D 126 NY VQuincyview record
Webb, Wm H.Livingston Co., NY2A 1 MI LASo. Allenview record
Wheeler, William A.Quincy, MI2I 15 Vet Res CorpsQuincyview record
White, Charles M.Branch Co., MI2I 11 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Whitman, Amos2Quincyview record
Whitney, ArniAlbany, NY2K 27 NY Inf.Quincyview record
Whitney, W. M.2view record
Widrig, Simon W.Cayuga Co., NY2H 151 NY Inf.Allenview record
Wilbur, Hiram C.Onondaga, NY2D 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Wilbur, StorrsNew York2D 1 MI LAQuincy, MIview record
Wilcox, A. A.New York2A 11 MI Cav.Quincy, MIview record
Wilcox, StuardOhio2K 9 MI V V Inf.Butlerview record
Wilson, WmHillsdale, MI2E 9 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Wilson, Wm. H.St. Lawrence Co, NY2E 4 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Wimer, Wm.Ohio2E 90 OH Inf.Alganseeview record
Wiser, HiramNew York2C LAQuincyview record
Wood, David H.Deefield, OH2H 4 MI Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Wood, H. J.2view record
Wood, Marcus D.Suna, NY2I SSQuincy, MIview record
Wood, SanfordVermont2B 8 MI Cav.Quincyview record
Woods, N. B.Ohio2Naval ServiceSouth Butlerview record
Woods, N. B.2E 196 OH V Inf.view record
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