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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Burrows, CharlesQuebec, Ca.17I 4 MI Inf.Springwellsview record
Burton, JosephEngland17H 5 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Burwell, John W.Zanesville, OH17F 78 OH Inf.Detroitview record
Butler, George W.Constancia, NY17D 22 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Butler, James17M 10 MI Cav.view record
Butler, JohnDetroit, Mich.17B 2 MI Inf.170 Trumbull Ave, Detroitview record
Butler, LeanderMaumee, Ohio17A 9 MI Inf.282 Clinton St, Detroitview record
Cady, Allen H.Macomb Co., Mich.17F 24 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Cady, ElishaNew York17E 29 MIRoyal Oakview record
Cady, J. N.KY17K 5 NY Inf.27 Walnut, Detroitview record
Cady, John N.Kentucky17K 5 NY Inf.N.M. Home, Dayton OHview record
Calhoun, WalterNew York17B 2 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Calhoune, WalterNew York17B 2 MI Inf.Birminghamview record
Cameron, CharlesGreat Britton17A 1 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Cameron, Charles17G 9 Mi Cav.view record
Campbell, Chas. F.Sussex Co., NJ17F 9 MI Cav.Standishview record
Campbell, JohnMich.1713 MI BatteryDetroitview record
Candler, E. A.London, England17H 1 MI H.A.22 Macomb St.view record
Cardy, AlfredNew York17US NavyDetroitview record
Carley, AlfredNew York17US NavyDetroitview record
Carlisle, Wm. N.17H 8 OH Inf.view record
Carlisle, Wm. N.Ohio17E 49 OHDetroitview record
Carmody, ThomasEngland17H 16 MIDetroitview record
Carson, Geo. H.NY State17I 23 NY Vols.Detroitview record
Cary, George L.England17I 24 MIDetroitview record
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