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Dept Michigan
Alexander French Camp No. 28
Big Rapids, Michigan


SUVCW ArmsCorrespondence:


John F. Emmons

13904 Nortland Dr.

Big Rapids, MI 49307


Brent T. Sible
Senior Vice Commander: Ronald K. Kerwood
Junior Vice Commander: Luke Brown
Secretary: John F. Emmons
Treasurer: Gerald Lintemuth
Chaplain: Richard Thomas
Patriotic Instructor: Ronald K. Kerwood
Boy Scout Coordinator: David Waldron PCC
Graves Registration Officer: Gordon Jacobs
Civil War Memorials Officer: Gordon Jacobs
Members of the Council: Richard Thomas
  Ronald K. Kerwood
  David Waldron

NEW! - "Although having 501(c) (4) Tax Exempt Status. “Donations to the Department of Michigan - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, its Camps, or Sons of Veterans Reserve Units operating within the Department of Michigan, Are Not Tax Deductible.”

About the Alexander French Camp No. 28

The Alexander French Camp No. 28 meets the 3rd Monday of April, August, and November at the Free Methodist Youth Fellowship Hall, 210 Pere Marquette, Big Rapids, MI.

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