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Dept Michigan
LeValley- Heusted Camp No. 255
Mayville, Michigan


SUVCW ArmsCorrespondence:


Rick Greene

9245 Willits Road
Mayville, MI 48744







Commander: Mark O. Keller
Senior Vice Commander: Larry Clark
Junior Vice Commander: David M. Neese, PCC
Secretary: Richard Greene, PDC
Treasurer: Michael Seaman
Graves Registration Officer: Mark O. Keller
Members of the Council: Mark A. Culbert
  Dennis C. Derr, Sr.
  Leo J. Marr

About the LeValley- Heusted Camp No. 255

The LeValley-Heusted is the one of the newer camps in the Department of Michigan.

Watch for LeValley-Heusted Camp #255’s new web page - coming soon!

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